Explore Coffee

Welcome to Maritime Roasters!

We’re here to guide you on your coffee journey and help you take the next step.  Whether you’re brand new to specialty coffee or you already know your favorite beans, grinder, and brewing method, you’ll find us to be patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging! 

Come with us as you explore the world of coffee!

We have selected coffees representing different regions of the world and different flavor profiles for you to experience.  We will continue to add additional regions and flavors as time goes on, so watch for the new additions! Occasionally, the specific coffees will change according to seasonality; as they change, we’ll make sure any replacements will share similar flavor traits.


  • I knew he was roasting coffee, I could smell it from down the block!


  • I made a carafe. My first taste, I thought, “Wow, this coffee is really good!”


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