About Our Roasting

As a small business, we don’t roast every day. Typically, we’ll roast once or twice per week depending on volume. Because of this, there may be up to several days delay between when you order and when your coffee gets roasted. We appreciate your patience while we ensure you get great tasting coffee every time you order!

We currently roast small batch only. What does this mean? Well, large production companies (such as the one with the mermaid and the one with the “reindeer”) are large-batch. They commonly will roast on machines that handle up to 150-200 pounds per batch. The benefit to this obviously is volume. They can and do produce hundreds of pounds per hour.

Small batch on the other hand, is typically 20 or fewer pounds per roast. By limiting the size of our batches, we can more easily ensure undesired beans don’t make it through to your bag. Sometimes individual beans will burn, or sometimes they won’t roast up properly and stay raw. Either way, they don’t taste good! With smaller batches, we can find and remove them.

These are just a couple ways we keep our quality high.