About Us

Why “Maritime”?

First, I’m a maritime history nut. From the time I was a small boy, I loved reading stories of the high seas, the explorers, and even the traders. As time went on, I became more and more involved in that aspect of history. I’ve stood on the Cutty Sark, spent a day out at sea on the Lynx as an extra on a tv show about pirate combat, and was part of a medieval recreation society representing those ancient mariners. It’s one of the few things I truly get deeply excited about in life.

One of the others, of course, is coffee.

So how do these overlap?  Through trade routes, of course. As we continue to grow our business, we’ll be showing how those maritime traders from various parts of the world expanded the availability and influence of the humble coffee cherry seed. We’ll explore the origins of coffee in Ethiopia, discuss how the Dutch brought coffee to Indonesia, and dive into the influence of Central and South America on the coffee market in America.

Thank you for visiting Maritime Roasters. I hope what you find will get you as excited as I am about not only drinking this wonderful brew, but also exploring its history and impact on the economies and cultures from around the world.

My Own Journey

When I was a young child, my parents didn’t drink coffee.  But I remember every time my grandfather would come to visit, he would open his can of coffee and that wonderful aroma would fill the kitchen. It was one of my favorite smells, and one of my favorite memories of him, sharing that moment.  Then he would offer me a taste, and… pbpbpbttt!  Wow, it was horrible!  But how could something with such a glorious smell taste so bad? I had to discover, and thus began my coffee journey.

Fast forward years later, after I finally learned to drink coffee – sort of.  (Does it count if it’s over half Irish cream flavored creamer?)  Then it happened. I found a shop advertising Ethiopian coffee. For the first time in my life, not only did I truly enjoy the coffee flavor, but I finally found a depth of flavor matching the aroma that filled my childhood kitchen!  But where the aroma from my memory was dark, like an over-roasted nut, this flavor bright and sweet.  I became obsessed with understanding this better.

I watched videos and shows, read books, articles, and online blogs about coffee, from sourcing to roasting to brewing. Like a sponge, I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could find to discover that perfect cup. And after years of exploring, and everything I’ve learned, one thing is certain: I had embarked on a never-ending journey.

So don’t be intimidated by the pretentiousness or the “exclusive-club” feel you often find around hipster coffee bars. I started from the most humble beginnings of tasting instant coffee, but my curiosity led me to discover some incredible taste experiences. I hope you’ll let us appease your curiosity and be your guide as you explore new flavors in your cup.