Changes to our options

After being open for nearly a year, we’ve discovered quite a bit about how people drink coffee, especially how widely varied people’s palates are.

One of the things we’ve discovered is there are certain flavor profiles a broader group of people tend to enjoy. This has led to a search for coffee beans matching those profiles – a search that has been largely successful.

Some people won’t like our announcement, but we are shaking up our options. We will no longer be carrying the following coffees:

Colombia Huila (regular); Costa Rica Tarrazu; Guatemala San Marcos; Mexico Chiapas; Sumatra Mandheling.

Our lineup will now be limited to five coffees: a light roast, a medium roast, a dark roast, a decaffeinated, and a special blend, which may vary seasonally. Each will give a unique forward-flavored tasting experience.

Light Roast – Ethiopia Guji: a light-bodied coffee with a bright fruity flavor of blueberry and grape.

Medium Roast – Peru Lima: a medium bodied coffee with a sweetness reminiscent of caramel, toffee, and/or brown sugar.

Dark Roast – Brazil Fazenda: a full-bodied coffee with strong chocolate undertones.

Decaf – Colombia Huila Decaf: a medium-heavy-bodied coffee with notes of graham. “One of the best decaf’s I’ve ever tasted.” -literally every person who’s tasted it so far.

Special Blend – Sailor’s Delight: a blend of a light and a dark roast, this well balanced coffee has brightness from the light and body from the dark.

Please reach out to us at info@maritimeroasters with any questions.

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