Minnetonka Orchards Family Fun Days!

Saturday, October 6th, Maritime Roasters will be in Minnetrista, MN at Minnetonka Orchards Family Fun Days!  This weekend is also CiderFest, when they will have their famous apple cider available for purchase.

Maritime Roasters will have a booth at the Orchards where we will once again have free tasting samples of our coffees. How often do you brew more than one coffee at a time, or get a chance to taste four different coffees side by side? Experience the variations between Sumatran and Guatemalan, or Brazilian and our signature Sailor’s Delight blend!  And enter our drawing for a free bag of coffee!

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Minnetonka Orchards Family Fun Days!

  1. Jenny Marty

    I bought a bag of coffee at the Minnetonka Orchards this weekend after tasting several delicious coffees! The owner was very informative and knowledgeable about his product, and it was fun learning a little as I was tasting. I love that each batch is roasted shortly before packaging and sending, ensuring fresh coffee with every order. In addition to this, the customer services is outstanding. There was some miscommunication on pricing that I noticed after looking at my bank statement, so I emailed Maritime Roasters to clarify. I was blown away that not only are they crediting my account a couple bucks because of the confusion, they actually thanked me for bringing the discrepancy to their attention so they can make their signage more accurate. This was far above and beyond what I would have expected, and am already planning on ordering more coffee simply by how great the customer service is!

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