Light Roast: Mexico Chiapas (FTO Sourced)


This lightly roasted Mexico Chiapas coffee is mellow, tart and delicate with an almond flavor and an herbal aftertaste.  We currently only offer this bean in the 4 pound size.

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This Mexican Fair Trade Organic sourced coffee is grown on farms in the Chiapas region of the country near the southern border, across from Guatemala. This bean reveals a mellow and tart flavor, accented with hints of almond and a lightly herbal aftertaste.

This bean is generally best suited for a light-to-medium roast.

At this time, we only offer this bean in the 4 pound size.

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Weight 67 oz

64 oz (4 lbs)

One thought on “Light Roast: Mexico Chiapas (FTO Sourced)

  1. John Ryan

    I am a HUGE fan of this coffee for drip brewing in my Technivorm Moccamaster, aero press, and french press. The mellowness compares well with island coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona. I am not saying it is *as good* as either of those two, but it is also an affordable daily drinking coffee. I have reordered this coffee multiple times and it is just an all-around great cup of coffee.

    The 4-pound bag is resealable and I notice very little degradation just keeping it in the bag for the ~month it takes me to use it up.

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